Poetry by
Dearbhla Aifric


I'm just trying to spread the word...

Below is a selection of poetry by Dearbhla Neenan. She covers subjects such as spirituality, mental health, depression, happiness, fulfillment, and love. Dearbhla uses a rhythmic and rhyming style of writing, with converational and humorous elements. She hopes to evoke questions & ideas about how we view our life, ourselves, and our relationships between our neighbours and planet. Her vulnerable dialogue creates an honest conversation in an attempt be as open and relatable to anyone who may be undergoing similar experiences in life. Dearbhla believes that with more awareness, more questions, less assumptions, and using empathy in daily situations, we can encourage a more peaceful and happy vibration planet wide.



The crippling fear,

Of starting anything new.

Being unable to think,

Of something original to do.


All creatives know this feeling,

It’s impossible to avoid -

The panic of an empty notebook page,

Leaving you frustrated, afraid and annoyed.


I think it’s the thought of embarrassment,

Or having nothing good to show,

But you’re not alone with this emotion

We all know it when ideas won’t flow.


Although it’s hard to admit,

It’s easy to escape this pain.

Putting pencil on to paper,

Can quickly become life’s bane.


But the minute you start your process

Really set aside some time,

A river of ideas come gushing,

Every sentence begins to rhyme.


Every colour compliments the next,

Every shape flatters the last,

Every note finds perfect harmony,

Leaving creative block in your past.


When this feeling comes- just relax,

Authentic work will come from your heart.

Don’t let your fear control you,

You’re more than able to start.


Wake in the morning,

Still your mind.

Steady your breath,

Let your thoughts unwind.


Clear your head,

Relax your face,

Feel earths sensation,

On your bodies base.


Hear to your surroundings,

Inhale the sunrise air

Appreciate this peaceful time

A moment that is rare.


Feel the breeze on your skin,

And exhale once more

Let all worries be released

And let peace fill every pore.

Self Lack

I cried when you said you loved me,

Because it hurt so much to believe,

The walls I had built with my past and pain,

Were too high to gently relieve.


The dream of love and happiness,

Between me and someone like you,

Was so far from my script and radar,

A cruel joke to say it came true.


I'm not worth anyone's love,

I am comfortable being alone,

For someone to come and change that,

It feels scary to enter unknown.


It's not them that creates the pain,

It's the honesty and truth that I see,

How little I view my self worth,

Creates the torturous sadness within me.


This false truth was gradually created,

By thinking I was never enough,

Yet even when I know its false truth,

To admit my self-loves beyond tough.


I know that it's all just subconscious,

I have love and good friends everywhere,

But even then, deep down I am thinking,

They don’t actually all really care.


I must be just some sort of buffer,

Or like pity, a person to have round,

I've been told I’m aggressive and bitchy,

There are definitely better people to be found.


The only thing I truly believe,

When I hear people talking about me

Is every negative thing that they say,

The most accurate description I see.


I know how to make myself better,

Just tell me I’m loved, and again,

I need you to constantly remind me,

So my worthless thoughts don’t creep back in.

They say you should love yourself first,

Before you start pursuing any guy,

For me, I don’t see that happening,

So I’ll start a relationship with a lie.


Maybe that's true for some people.

I think it's the opposite for me,

If someone can love me, then I’ll love myself,

It could be good evidence, you see.


I guess I’ll believe my worth,

When I’m happy, healthy,and thin,

Right now its a never ending race,

and I hate myself when I don’t win.


To learn isn’t difficult,

It’s just to find the way -

To discover new methods of absorption,

Is to keep your boredom at bay.


To grasp your whole attention,

Without wanting to let go,

Once you’ve located this direction,

The knowledge will begin to free flow.


So before disregarding a talent,

Or blaming your age or life’s pace-

Try new age or untraditional teachings,

And let new skills fall into place.

Love Science

There’s no science behind love

No formula, no method

Loving passionately, but fast, 

Beats casual, and tepid.


Thank us first, 

For giving our womb,

For nine months of pain, 

And still making room-


For our loving touch; 

To which nothing can compare,

Working 40 plus hours, 

And not neglecting our care.


Thank, all the mothers, 

For the struggles that they hide,

For providing us a life, 

No matter how rough the tide.


Thank the eldest sisters, 

Who put troubles aside for youth,

Who use their experience and pain,

To teach you lessons and truth. 


Thank your Nana’s and Grannies,

Who are always there for you,

Even when it’s been eons,

They always seem to come through.


Thank the ones who fought,

For the struggles we never saw,

The ones that lost their lives,

Fighting for women’s law.


Thank all the women, who are paving the way,

Today, for the girls of tomorrow;

Sacrificing their time, life, and joy,

For the future to avoid all this sorrow.


Thank the ones you love, 

Who make a difference to your day,

They never ask for thanks,

Yet always know what to say.


Show your appreciation,

For the women in your world,

Counteract with love and gratitude,

Every cat call that’s been hurled.


Look at all we’ve done,

Yet inequality we still receive,

But with persistence, time and energy, 

Peace & justice, we will achieve.


We feel our best

When we are blessed 

With valuable rest

If this is your quest

Invite sleep as your guest

And when the sun sets West

Curl up in your nest

Release tension from your chest

Inner peace will pass calms test

You will feel far from stressed

And resume life with great zest.


Transparent layers of fabric, are hanging in my way,

I gently part their seams, they glisten, move and sway.

They’re sewn with silk metallic, dyed purple, pink, and blue,

They create a magical atmosphere, as I continue walking through.


I squint through further layers, see something deep within,

These fabrics feel like water, ascending on my skin.

Curiosity grows, as I travel further in,

I think I’m getting closer, but the light remains so dim.


Yet the journey remains so pleasant, each step revealing colors new,

I continue with gentle suspense, and a glitter comes into view.

My hair is long and wavy, with diamonds delicately placed

The shine within the distance, reflects light upon my face.


This room is slightly breezy, with a temperature neither cold nor warm,

It remains a mystical pathway, as the luminated object starts to form.

I reach towards the distance, colors shining on my nails

The fabrics start to billow, like the wind beneath a sail.


I feel pressure on my shoulder, and I slowly turn around,

I see no one there behind me, but a match upon the ground.

I bend to pick it up, its burned with a message in black,

I closely look to read it, written says “you must never look back”.


I turn again to see nothing, no fabrics now hanging there,

Light extinguished in the distance, a dark room, empty and bare.

I must continue on this pathway, and find this magic then,

I’ll direct my energy to the light, never looking back, again. 


I smelt your rose 

It pricked my nose

Now red blood flows

On my valentine clothes


I don’t suppose 

This incident shows 

The ebb and flows

Of how life goes ?

Seek Spell

What you seek

You shall find,

Breath a minute,

Pause your mind.


Retrace your steps,

And soon it will be,

That the thing you seek,

In your hand you will see.